CoEn stands for 
Collaborative English. 

That means a lot to us. 

It represents our mission to do good, help others, and have fun.

We do that by collaborating with students on how and what we practice each session. We pride ourselves on being able to listen and adjust to your needs. 


Who we've helped

Companies and staff in
Tokyo and Kanagawa. 

We’ve worked with
pairs and group s…

… as well as 
with individuals.

The Mission


With nearly two decades of English teaching experience working for other people, we decided it was time to take all the good ideas we’ve learned and put them to use to benefit our students directly.

We have to look in the mirror each day and know the person looking back is actually doing their best.
Do good
It's important to us that you see growth. We want you to know you're getting better and better with time.
Help others
Why do work you don't love? 
We're here because we chose to do this work and we might as well enjoy it.


Tokyo, Japan

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