CoEn English Intensive

What can you do in a month? 

Your best.

The truth is ...

You’re not going to sound like a native speaker in a month. You’re not going to improve hundreds of points on your test scores. You’re not going to have perfect grammar or pronunciation either.

... you can do this.

What you are going to do is work hard and improve, and we are going to be there to help you every step of the way. 

How does it work?

Do a short writing task to build your accuracy, vocabulary, and usage.

We’ll check your writing and give feedback. 

In class, talk about what you’ve written as we help expand your speaking techniques.

You’ll receive a recording of your writing to practice shadowing.

So, how committed are you?


one Month

  • Initial Level Check
  • 8 One-hour Classes
  • 8 Writing Assignments
  • 8 Shadowing Assignments
  • Final Assessment

¥11 万


One Month

  • Initial Level Check
  • 12 One-hour Classes
  • 12 Writing Assignments
  • 12 Shadowing Assignments
  • Final Assessment

¥16 万


One Month

  • Initial Level Check
  • 16 One-hour Classes
  • 16 Writing Assignments
  • 16 Shadowing Assignments
  • Final Assessment

¥21 万


Below are several of the most common questions we’ve received about our courses. Feel free to contact us any time if you have further questions and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. 

This course is for anyone wishing to make a significant change in their English language skills in a short time. 

Previous students we have worked with have been preparing for job interviews, preparing for upcoming business trips abroad, entering a new company, and people looking for a challenge between work assignments. 

This is primarily a speaking class. Although the writing assignments are short, they will help you develop your accuracy, vocabulary and natural usage. In class, we also focus on a combination of accuracy, pronunciation, usage, and communicative ability.

This course grows with you. Much of it is personalized to your needs. As such, we try to stay materials light or draw from multiple real-world resources such as the Accademic Word List, and a variety of textbooks and other sources. We don’t require you to buy an expensive textbook. 

Topics are typically based on you, and your experience. 

Beginner students usually need a little more guidance and structure. We can use simple topics to expand your writing skills each week and will do our best to use topics and writing challenges based on your requests and feedback. 

We use share space offices in the central Tokyo area. In some cases, we offer classes in client offices and homes depending on location. We can sometimes offer classes online if need be. 

The content of the courses described here is the baseline program. We will be happy to talk to you about adjusting the program details to meet your needs. 

We are certainly willing to be a little flexible considreing work and family scheduleds. As long as the schedule allows, you could take five classes this week, and two the following week. But you must finish all your lessons in the alloted month otherwise it’s not an intensive course. Some people want to take classes seven days a week. We don’t encourage this.  Language retention and study quality drop off sharply when people do this. 

Certainly. Learning a language takes time and we want you to retain what you’ve learned. Let’s talk about our schedules and see what works. 


Tokyo, Japan

Members only.


Discipline = Freedom

Getting better isn’t a hack or a trick or one change you need to make.
Getting better is a campaign. It’s a daily, weekly, hourly fight that does not stop. A fight against weakness, against temptation, of hard wrok, and dedication, of waking up early and going to bed late and grinding it out every second in between. Every. Single. Day. 

– Jocko Willink